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Adult Therapy


I have experience in working with adults who are experiencing anxiety and depression related to life challenges and changes.  These could include concerns related to relationship issues, transitions, grief, loss and change to name a few.  I work with individuals using an approach developed by Dr. William Glasser called Choice Theory- which is a cognitive behavioral approach.   In my work with individuals using traditional talk therapy, Somatic Therapy, Brain Gym is often utilized and other modalities to provide tools for success.

Child/Teen Therapy


I have over thirty years’ experience in working with children and families.  This includes working with children who appear to be sad, anxious or worried.  I work with children experiencing behavior problems at home or school.  I have extensive experience in Trauma Informed Care in working with


children who have experienced abuse, neglect, accidents, grief and lost.   Along with cognitive behavioral approaches Play Therapy and Brain Gym is incorporated in skill building.

Family Therapy


I have over thirty years’ experience and specialized training in working with marriage and family therapy.  Often, I work with children and parents together for developing tools for coping, stress management and communication. 

I do not provide medications but will refer you or your child to medical providers if I believe medication would be a helpful assistance to therapy. 

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