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What is

Brain Gym?

Brain Gym is a series of quick, fun and energizing activities used in a balance to make all types of learning in life easier and eliminate barriers.  The client is guided through their unique process by a facilitator.  No special equipment is needed.  Brain Gym is used to activate highest performance potential and increased self-esteem that will fit into even the busiest of schedules. 

Brain Gym is recognized in more than 80 countries around the world and has changed many people’s lives in a positive way over the last few decades.

Brain Gym builds, enhances and or restores natural neural pathways in the body and brain to enhance natural learning. 

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Brain Gym is a set of movements that have been shown to assist children, adults and seniors to:

  • Perform better at sports

  • Process information faster

  • Be more focused and organized

  • Start and finish projects with ease

  • Achieve new levels of excellence

  • De-stress and overcome anxiety.

These are some of the outcomes that the Brain Gym program can provide.  The Brain Gym program is made up of 26 activities, along with several other movement-based techniques that helps address balance, posture and coordination skills associated with daily life success. Synchronize your system for better comprehension, communication and emotional health.  You will find Brain Gym being used in schools, corporations, elder facilities, athletic training programs, as well as for personal and professional growth. 


Brain Gym International is committed to the principle that moving with intention leads to optimal learning.  Brain Gym has proven successful in a variety of learning and working environments. 


The program offers hope to parents with children suffering a variety of learning and behavioral issues.  We have seen that by giving the brain the tools it needs to function more efficiently, many of these barriers can effectively be addressed.  Brain Gym offers the tools for improving the quality of daily life in a stressful environment.  Anyone can benefit from Brain Gym, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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