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What is

Play therapy?

You may be asking yourself how will Play Therapy benefit my child? 


Since play is the language of children, the most effective type of therapy for young children is called “Play Therapy.”  Play Therapy allows for the expression of feelings, encourages creative thoughts and new ideas.  It allows the development of healthy decision making and problem-solving skills. 


Play Therapy enables the communication of problems and concerns to others and supports the learning of new ways of thinking and behaving.  Play Therapy encourages creative thoughts and new ideas.  All children use play to learn about their environment and to solve their day-to-day problems. 

In Play Therapy, children will do the same thing and play in ways that help them to make sense of their problems.  They can get a better understanding of what is happening in their lives and therefore be in a better position to cope with or adjust to their situation. 

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