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Why is it important to

keep your appointments?

Aside from the obvious – that is, your progress will not be as rapid if you don’t come – there are some important things to remember if you consider not keeping your scheduled appointment:

Your Counselor May Lose Valuable Time Inventory

When you schedule an appointment, that time slot is filled with your name and is taken out of circulation.  If you late cancel (cancel your appointment with less than 24-hours notice) or no-show (just don’t come, with no notice to the office staff before you appointment time), it costs your counselor time and money, for it is generally difficult to fill an appointment time with little notice.  Also – you may be keeping someone else from accessing an appointment who may desire to come in that day.  To help keep costs down for everyone, please call at least 24-hours in advance if you know you cannot keep your appointment.

You May Lose Money

In the agreement you signed before beginning services with your counselor, you agreed that a fee may be charged to you if you late cancel or no-show.  Please note that this fee will be enforced, including for your initial intake appointment.  That fee will be due at the time of your next appointment, or may be billed to you directly.  If you are filing to insurance for reimbursement of counseling fees, YOU will be responsible for the no-show/late cancel fee, as insurance companies do not reimburse for the counselor’s loss or services not rendered due to neglect or forgetfulness.

Your Counselor Loses Money

Counselors are paid as a result of the income from appointments.  If you do not keep your appointment, your counselor is faced with a loss.  As described above, your appointment time is reserved for YOU… we do not book multiple clients for the same time slot as some other professionals do.  A great deal of time spent in preparing for your session, and when you do not come, that time is also lost.

Your Counselor May Not Allow You To Book Further Appointments

After a late cancel event, your counselor may choose not to allow you to return, or may at the least require that you talk to them before you set future appointments.  After a no-show, you may be required to talk to your counselor before another appointment will be allowed, or future services may be refused and appropriate referrals given.

The Key Is…Responsibility

Please call our office at 903-871-5999 IMMEDIATELY when you know you cannot come for your scheduled appointment.  Take a moment to explain your reason for not coming that day.  It will be noted in your counseling file.  DO NOT come to the office if you have a communicable disease…we trust that you will take care of yourself by being smart about your own health needs.

All You Have To Do Is Call

Your counselor values the therapeutic relationship formed with you as you work together to achieve your goals.  Your consideration of the counselor’s time and needs is a valuable part of that relationship.  Thank you for your help and understanding!

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